Psychosocial Recovery

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Psychosocial Recovery

What is a psychosocial disability?

A disability arising from mental health issues is known as psychosocial disabilities.

Not everyone who has a mental health condition will have a psychosocial disability, but for people who do, it can be debilitating and have a lasting effect on recovery. People with such disabilities may qualify for the NDIS. 

Psychosocial recovery coach

Psychosocial recovery coaches (recovery coaches) are  available to support participants with psychosocial disabilities to live a full and contributing life.

Recovery coaches support participants to take more control of their lives and to manage the complex challenges of daily living. 

Recovery coaches work collaboratively with participants, their families, carers and other services to design, plan and implement a recovery plan, and assist with the coordination of NDIS and other supports. 

Participants will have the option of selecting a recovery coach with lived experience or a recovery coach with learnt knowledge of psychosocial disability and mental health. If you are funded for a Psychosocial recovery coach in your NDIS plan, talk to us today. Lets start this journey together.


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